Transparent Labelling Matters

on Wednesday, 21 October 2015.

transparent labellingI am curious to know when you read a product label, do you believe it? Do you fall for all their amazing claims like "wrinkle free in 10 days"? "reduced weight in 7 days"? "made from all natural organic ingredients"? "100% eco-friendly"?
Bless you if you do. Good on you if you don't and decide to dig deeper and question the products' transparency. 
While the majority of us reading this article live in democratic countries, where we assume we are given the truth, in fact we find ourselves subjected to rife propaganda associated with product labelling. Just turn on the news 3 nights out of 7 and there will be an exposure on some aspect of labelling.
In my past life as a product developer of organic skin care, I was in regular consultation with our product regulatory agencies that basically told us what we could and could not state on product labelling. It was an interesting, though often tedious process, caught up in limbo land for months sometimes on the most basic wording i.e. "will cure" v's "may help cure" (despite exhaustive ingredient, product research, testing and positive trails)!
In my current role as an ethical bed linen entrepreneur, advocating and putting my business, Organic Bed Threads, and my Indian manufacturers through rigorous fair trade and certified organic audits to ensure full transparency is applied from seed to linen closet, so that we can offer a 100% chemical free label, is in my estimation, a no brainer to produce ethically.
So it comes as a huge shock to me that my own Australian government, and perhaps yours too, does NOT monitor all the labelling on the products that line our shelves, especially those that are not food or pharmaceutical grade products.
Learn how to become empowered when reading product labels via Living Safe's article Non-Toxic Labelling ? What Does It Really Mean? Is It A Legal Requirement? It Is Regulated? by natural product game changer, Nicole Groch
Nicole is an eco trail blazer, helping people and pets live organic, healthy, safe, cruelty-free, eco, vegie lifestyles. If you have a query on one of these topics, Nicole will be sure to set you straight.